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Paediatric surgeons treat a diverse range of conditions. The particular specialisation we bring to your child’s care is that we solely treat children. We know children and we understand families.

When a child needs an operation this is a stressful time for them and their parents. You need to be confident that you are seeing an expert, who knows when to operate on your child and how to ensure the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish. We are experts in assessing your child’s need for surgery and ensuring you and your child are prepared for what is involved. On the day of surgery, we work with nurses and anaesthetists who are also skilled in dealing with children in order to keep your child calm and safely cared for. Our care and advice after the operation will also be tailored to the needs of you and your child.

  • General Paediatric Surgery; the care of congenital and acquired conditions in childhood (from birth till after adolescence). The common conditions we deal with are listed here. These include hernias, inguinal scrotal (groin) problems, neck swellings and skin lesions.

  • Antenatal counselling; unexpected findings on antenatal scans can be upsetting if your Lead Maternity Carer thinks your baby has a condition that may need surgery after birth we can see you to discuss this in more detail.

  • Paediatric Urology; disorders of the kidney, bladder, and genitals including foreskin problems.

  • Gastro-intestinal; management of surgical problems in the abdomen, including appendicectomy and cholecystectomy.

  • Thoracic surgery; management of conditions affecting the lung and chest wall.

  • Laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery; all our surgeons are skilled in laparoscopic/thoracoscopic surgery.

See our surgeon profiles for more details on individual special interest areas.

Children have different needs to adults and this is especially true when it comes to healthcare and surgery. By seeing us at Kidzhealth you can have confidence you will be seeing a surgeon who is a specialist in dealing with children.

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